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Botswana Elephant Tracking

13 Days · 1 City

Do you like elephants? Or maybe a better question: do elephants like you? Because you will be literally touching their tails!

Climb to the Top of Merapi

2 days · 1 Country

Climb to the top of Merapi – the most active volcano in the world, which killed thousands of people many times in history. 

Indonesia Brave Trip

22 days · 1 Country

Ready for some extraordinary action-packed experience? Take a deep breath and book this full Indonesia trip with all possible adventures.

Namibia Brave Trip

20 Days · 1 Country

Great Namibia tour, including a number of incredible adventures and world-unique places. Ready-steady-book!

Have you ever been to Tanjung Puting? If not, pack up and go now! If you've been there before, nothing has to be said. You know why you are heading back at the first opportunity!

Zimbabwe Camping Trip

9 days · 1 Country

The best trip in Zimbabwe you can ever imagine. Except observing amazing wildlife, you will experience numerous action activities!